Test Purchases of AoE

We have been buying copies of the book from various “Other Sellers”* on Amazon, to test for counterfeit copies.

Here are the results to date:

Date Ordered     Amazon Seller     Book is:

2015-04-08     --SuperBookDeals   genuine
2015-12-22     Ninja_Store        counterfeit
2015-12-23     fintex books       counterfeit
2015-12-26     products_new       genuine
2015-12-26     Media123           genuine
2015-12-26     --SuperBookDeals   genuine
2015-12-27     ORRA_AMB           counterfeit
2016-01-02     -^alwaYsup^-       counterfeit
2016-01-02     ORRA_AMB           counterfeit
2016-01-04     Cameron Buks       counterfeit
2016-01-11     Cox_Bks            counterfeit
2016-01-11     Cameron Buks       counterfeit
2016-01-15     --SuperBookDeals   genuine
2016-01-15     RentU              genuine
2016-01-18     little river books counterfeit
2016-02-02     Ninja_Store        counterfeit
2016-02-02     Fiedel Retails     counterfeit

* We have also bought many copies that are listed as “Ships from and sold by Amazon.com”; every such copy has been genuine, and of the most recent printing

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