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PageLocationDescriptionFound ByDate
19Fig 1.29change "10mA" to "1mA"Luca Di Taranto20150416
24last linechange "50 mA" to "5 mA" (and change "1 ms" to "10 ms" in caption of Fig. 1.39)Ivan Baldin20150411
26last lineput 1/C in front of integral, thus: V(t)=(1/C)∫Iin(t)dtKevin Kutz20160501
27Fig. 1.4710% error at about 20% of VinCarlo del Noce20200426
29first linechange "2.54" to "0.394"Richard Speir20150417
32Table 1.1VF=800mV for 1N4007Jacques20150412
37Fig 1.78the diodes should point in opposite directionsJohn Larkin20150330
40left column, line 11the "2π" is outside the square root: f=1/2π√LCAlessandro Ruggiero20150726
43Fig 1.93 captionchange "lowpass" to "highpass"Kevin Hughes20150414
43left column, lines 1 and 15change "√2" to "1/√2"Johanns Ackermann20150524
45right column, line -15change "reactance of" to "impedance of"J. Casey Marnocha20150731
47Fig 1.95prefix √2 to the amplitude (so V0 is the rms amplitude for calculations)Adam Poertner20170530
48right column, last eq'nchange numerator "R1" to "R2"Richard Holmes20150504
50Fig 1.104change "-20dB/octave" to "-20dB/decade"Enrico Donà20150407
68right column, line -8change "and frequency." to "and phase."Peter Long20150413
72top right columnchange IE to ICJoe Santos20150411
78Exercise 2.2change "0.63" to "0.76" and "63µs" to "76µs"Vincent Fusco20150421
78Fig 2.12bottom waveform is "collector Q1, Q3"Paul Sedlacek20150423
90left column, line 7missing Δ in denominator: ΔIout/ΔVinSebastian Uria20150604
99Fig 2.53CR3 should be 6.8kAnders Gregersen20150823
100Fig 2.57Bmove lower current sink to emitter of input transistorAnders Jellinggaard20150414
103right column, line 13common-mode gain is 0.55Rod Bhar20150922
104Fig 2.65change "2.5k" to "25k"Vincent Fusco20150426
108right column, line 22-23change "50%" to "20%" (2 places)Rod Bhar20171006
157right column, line 11missing Rs in denominatorStuart Field20191210
168left column, line 4change ID to IC (twice in text, once in Fig 3.53 axis label)Lorenzo Donati20150611
183Fig 3.84base divider current is 50uA; and to match gains in ckt A, use resistor string 10.0k, 3.48k, 1.00k, and 499 in ckt BAlan Morris & Graham Keeth20150823, 20171206
186Fig 3.91omit bubbles on gate inputVicente Badía20150530
194Fig 3.97interchange FETs, wired as complementary switches (as in Fig 3.90)Eldar Khayrullin20170813
196right column, line 6change "Diss" to "Ciss"Lorenzo Donati20150615
204left column, last sentencereplace with "This circuit can switch either polarity -- when ON, the series MOSFETs sum to 2RON (the body diodes conduct only during ON-OFF transitions, or at very high currents)."Shane Trent20150501
211Fig 3.113a "Catch-22": Q1 acts only after the capacitor has largely discharged. Replacement circuit hereRobert Schöftner and Peter Horowitz20150427
216last paragraphchange sentence to "Happily, MOSFETs are less likely to suffer...," and add footnote: "Some newer fine-geometry types are susceptible, however; see IR App-note AN-1155."Chris Jones20150306
219right column, line -7should be gm ∝ ICLorenzo Donati20150620
226Fig 4.7Binterchange “+” and “-” input symbolsEnrico Perera20150331
228Fig 4.11R1 in numerator should be R2Maksym Ganenko20150511
233Fig 4.21interchange “+” and “-” input symbolsChristian Zietz20150421
234left column, line for equal resistor values the input current is...Poul-Henning Kamp20150411
249Fig 4.50replace "C" in last eq'n with "R2"Russ Kegley20150509
267left column, line 15change "V+" to "Vref"Steffen Kirn20151001
270right column, line 6change "inverting" to "noninverting"Peter Smith20200129
287Exercise 4.36interchange -10 and +10 in 3rd and 4th linesGraham Keeth20180101
295right column, line 3change "50µA" to "50µV"Maksym Ganenko20150526
296right column, line -8change 7mAh to 70mAhPhilipp Marek20150907
300right column, line 13change 22-220GΩ to 4.5-45GΩKarl Zeilhofer20151203
308right column, line -16change S=mfT to S=0.3mfTlorenzo Donati20150720
336Fig 5.52vertical scale in bottom graph should be 10, 100, 1000Lorenzo Donati20150722
337left column, line 7Rs=1MΩPhilipp Marek20150907
347right column, line -14change ±0.02mV to ±0.01mV, 62,500:1 to 250,000:1, and 96dB to 108dBLorenzo Donati20150725
350left column, line -4change 100mV to 10mV (and, in following lines, 10V → 1V and 100W → 10W)Marc20151024
354right column, line -12change "200:1" to "20:1"Carl Van Wormer20151227
356right column, line 2change "0-5V" to "0-4V"Philipp Marek20150907
357Fig 5.77interchange "ref" and "sense" labels, and interchange “+” and “-” input symbols on lower op-ampSte Kulov and Maksym Ganenko20150413
367Fig 5.87Replacement circuit hereLorenzo Donati20150731
368Fig 5.88Ainterchange "+" and "-" symbols on U3Lorenzo Donati20150802
416Fig 6.42change feedback resistor to 2k, and output amplitude to 0.2Vin. Axis units are "2πfRC" (also for Fig 6.41)Alex Haynes20150604
437Fig 7.20interchange “+” and “-” input symbols on both op-ampsAnders Jellinggaard20150510
456Fig. 7.50correct waveforms divide by 4 (not 2); replacement figure hereRichard Pickvance20181125
466Fig 7.63capacitor on one-shot T2 should be 100nFLorenzo Donati20150809
474eq'n 8.3second term needs R in denominatorPhilipp Marek20150907
478left column, lin -12eq'n should read: vn2=∫|en(f)H(f)|2dfLorenzo Donati20150811
480eq'n 8.14denominator in argument of log should be: 4kTRsBÁdám Hollós20190122
485eq'n 8.24coefficient of last term should read: 2q(IC0)r2bb'Jian Zheng20160704
486Fig 8.19increase Cin to 4.7μF (to shunt the bias divider's noise)Pol Welter20200620
506Fig 8.42, topRE should be 22ΩMaksym Ganenko20150703
509left column, lines -4 and -6gm should be in denominatorDavid Tranah20151006
513Fig. 8.49add 1uF bypass between output and com of LT6654 (req'd for stability)David Crossan20160727
545Fig 8.80Apnp is ZTX550Mikko Syrjälahti20150410
569left column, line 11 in section 8.13.6omit R on lefthand side of eq'nMaksym Ganenko20150725
576second equationthe entire equation should have a factor 1/2 in frontAlexander Nuemeier20200907
600Fig 9.5output label should be "+5V, 2A"MaWin20150423
608Fig 9.15change A1 to TLE2141 (operates to neg rail)Amir Yazdani20170309
623Fig 9.39Binterchange op-amp's “+” and “-” input symbolsEnrico Perera20150808
629right column, line 5change "with neutral" to "with ground"Andreas Sundstrom20150531
639Fig 9.59 captionlast word: change "Vout" to "Vin"Mark Ferrari20150419
646Fig 9.65output label should be “+3.3V, 5A” and R2 should be 1.74kKevin McMurtrie and Maksym Ganenko20150403 and 20150803
648Eq'n 9.5in eq'n 9.5g change D/(1-D) to 1/(1-D), and in eq'n 9.5h change T/2L to T/2Mark Ferrari20150430
666right column, line -5N2 should be in denominatorMaksym Ganenko20150813
670eq'n in left column, line -16current should be squaredChip Coldwell20180517
696Fig 9.110 captionchange Q2 to Q1Allan Herriman20151204
703left column, line -6change "DCAs" to "DACs"Thorsten Johannvorderbrüggen20150407
713Fig 10.20remove bubble on gate's outputLorenzo Donati20150523
722Table 10.43rd from bottom should read A+A'B=A+BLorenzo Donati20150525
723Fig 10.34gate at output should be OR (i.e., omit bubble)Tyler Manning20150723
725Fig 10.38interchange A and B labels on lefthand figureLorenzo Donati20150525
737Fig 10.70 and code aboveadd inverter from QA to DA, and insert linebreak after QA.q in second line of ABEL codeSebastian Wangnick20150505
738Fig 10.72Bmove falling edge of D to the right by a half cycle of the input clockSebastian Wangnick20150505
740Fig 10.74R3 should be 33ΩJoe Savio20160903
741Fig 10.78replace last 11 lines with thisSebastian Wangnick20150505
778Fig 11.13enclose the pair of lines after the last "else" with "begin...end"Lothar Haungs20150630
816Fig 12.38Time axis for bottom pair should be 0 to 4µsJavier Alberola20150925
818Fig 12.39Fcorrected mini-table hereMichael Weilguni20150529
824left column, lines 15-19 and 28-30circuit A discussion: replace lines 15-19 with this: "Taking the higher value, and using the datasheet's RON=200mΩ at 25°C, we've got I2RON=20W dissipation in Q2 (rising to 30W at 100°C), not a happy situation for a transistor that's ordinarily dissipating less than 2W."
Circuit B discussion: replace lines 28-30 with this: "The bad news: it makes things worse for Q2, whose dissipation rises to IlimVin=120W."
Roland Clarke20151129
846Fig 12.86B, (and page 845)H11L1 and H11N1 belong in group A (open collector)Clemens Ladisch20150407
852Fig. 12.94Cbridge rect: reverse top right and lower left diodesPeter Smith20190918
883Fig 13.4bottom resistor is 20kDaniel Niessen20150413
885Fig 13.8Binterchange op-amp's “+” and “-” input symbolsAndrew Baker20150919
962-63§13.13.4Bin Fig 13.99, change R3 to 3.6M (also next page, bottom left column) and R4 to 330k; in the loop-gain eq'n change 2.26x105 to 3.77x105; in the gain calculation box the VCO voltage range is 1V to 4V, so KVCO is 60kHz/volt or 3.77x105rad/sec-voltFederico Sangiuliano20151113
1007Program 14.5several bugs, corrected program herePhillip Marek and Alan Stern20151110 and 20151119
1039Fig 14.45 captionhorizontal scale is 100µs/divCasey Nordgran20150428
1047Fig 14.51int 64: highest bit is -263
quad binary 128: lowest bit is 2-112
Phillip Marek20151110
1056suntan monitoradd 25ms delay (RC settle) before reading "bake" settingPhillip Marek20151110
1057pseudocode listing, line 5second "PD1" should be "PD0"João-Nuno Carvalho20150425
1058Program 15.1replace 2 instances of
Matt Keeter20160520
1065pseudocode listing, line -5if mode=remotePhillip Marek20151110
1075pseudocode 15.4 listingchange "Pint" to "I" (2 places)Peter Morvay20150614
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